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Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Simplify the financial experience, Perform better.

Paying for healthcare is one of the most critical financial decisions a person will make... often without knowing the price or how to cover the cost even if they have insurance. Hospital leaders rely on us to simplify the financial experience for both their patients and the people of their organization. Hospitals achieve a stronger financial foundation, while patients experience clarity and a path to peace of mind about how to pay for their care. Happy patients are loyal customers. And loyal customers tell their friends and family about their good experiences. That leads to new market share for the hospital...the kind of market share no financial software can create nor any marketing budget can buy.

Eligibility and enrollment, Accounts Receivable

The Customer Lens

The customer lens is a critical element in higher performance because of the very nature of it. It’s a framework, practiced mindset and commitment to view everything through that lens. From patient engagement, to supporting your business teams, to delivering technology and practices that simplify the financial experience for you and your patients, everything at MedAssist passes through the customer lens. Learn more about what you can achieve with MedAssist, see below...

Better Experience, More Revenue

Many people in our communities delay or avoid care because they’re burdened by the unknown about how to pay for that care. Hospitals share in this burden as many people eventually show up in hospitals, more acutely ill, now compounded by financial stress. Get out in front of this challenge. More...

Less Confusion, Better Financial Foundation

Many can manage receivables. Yet with growing complexity in receivables fueled by value-based and bundled payments, who gets lost in the shuffle? The patient. Balancing empathy for patients with visibility to insights and efficiency in work flow is a cornerstone in igniting sustainable patient loyalty and maximizing cash flow. Achieve this balance. More...