MedAssist mZone Solutions

Eligibility & Enrollment Services

Many people in our communities delay or avoid care because they’re burdened by the unknown about how to pay for that care. Hospitals share in this burden as many people eventually show up in hospitals, more acutely ill, now compounded by financial stress. Get out in front of this challenge with objects from an M.Outreach solution.

Accounts Receivable Management

Many can manage receivables. Yet with growing complexity in receivables fueled by value-based and bundled payments, who gets lost in the shuffle? The patient. Balancing empathy for patients with visibility to insights and efficiency in work flow is a cornerstone in igniting sustainable patient loyalty and maximizing cash flow. Achieve this balance through an M.Assist solution.

Hospital Business Office Management

Thousands of communities rely on their local hospitals for care. Yet these very hospitals are in the greatest of financial peril. Greater patient responsibility for payment, growing complexity in revenue cycle, aging technology and constraints in staffing qualified employees all contribute to the challenges. Their very existence is at risk, thereby putting the care for millions of citizens also at risk. Sustain local care in your community.

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