Denial Prevention and Resolution. Increase cash on hand and shift the focus of your team and resources from survival to growth with
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Rural Community Hospital Business Office Management

Embrace a brighter future for your hospital while creating newfound peace of mind for your patients. Increase cash on hand while reducing your cost to collect. Do rural right with Rural Hospital Business Office Management with MedAssist.

Peer Experience

Increasing payment burdens shifting to patients, growing complexity in revenue cycle, gaps in technology, shortages in qualified staffing... these headwinds are especially amplified in your rural community.

Unfortunately they were much the same in places like Hocking Valley and Aspen Valley... until the healthcare leaders in their communities said “no more”.

Now both of your peers share a brighter hope of future service for their communities because they share healthy performance metrics like increased cash on hand, reduced cost to collect, reduced days in AR, and improved patient experiences. These healthcare leaders chose Rural Hospital Business Office Management from MedAssist.

Aspen Valley Hospital

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Basically, we treat MedAssist like another
department of the hospital. We are one team.
— Deborah Essex, Revenue Cycle Director at Aspen Valley Hospital.

Hocking Valley Community Hospital

We’ve seen such positive results that it’s never been a decision that we’ve regretted making. MedAssist has been the right choice for our organization.
— Julie Grow, CFO at Hocking Valley Community Hospital


Doing "rural right" means executing against the three pillars of best practice for rural hospital business office management. Using the MedAssist APPROACH for solution assembly and execution, your patients and your team will experience a better financial encounter, more days cash on hand, and more financial stability to support the future healthcare needs of your community. The three pillars are...

Rural Community Hospital Business Office Management Operational Best Practices

Operational Best Practices

Achieve both efficiency and effectiveness across the patient engagement spectrum from eligibility intake to accounts receivable closing by leveraging best practices in  principled revenue cycle process supported by Six Sigma Subject Matter Experts. Experience recognized by KLAS.

Qualified Staffing Rural Community Hospital Business Office Management

Qualified Staffing

It's one of the most difficult challenges rural hospitals face today...finding and keeping qualified people. That ends with MedAssist. A critical part of this pillar is arming the right, experienced people with knowledge and tools to be effective thinkers and doers...something to look forward to so you can focus more on strategic work.

Management Analytics Technology Rural Community Hospital Business Office Management

Management Analytics Technology

We all can agree that insights to measured performance helps us manage. Yet, so often the right technology and usability of it are either unaffordable or too difficult to customize for rural hospitals. Now you can jump to the front of the line and achieve the visibility and advisory support necessary to make informed management decisions. 


It all starts with seeking to understand first. By understanding your business priorities, objectives, and the challenges you face in meeting them, we can most effectively apply best practices in planning, execution, measurement, and modification. This approach encourages authentic AND focused collaboration to maximize results. 

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Look we get it. It's tough to ask for help. But what's the cost of not asking for help? Consider a conversation to at least explore what your world could look like if you were able to change the financial narrative of your hospital. Maybe you could have a story like Julie Grow from Hocking Valley. She changed the narrative of their financial story to one that created enough stability that reinvestment in other strategic priorities were created. Get in touch today.