Denial Prevention and Resolution. Increase cash on hand and shift the focus of your team and resources from survival to growth.

Denial Prevention and Resolution

Don’t just manage denials, prevent them. Increase cash on hand and shift the focus of your team and resources from survival to growth.

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Denial Prevention Solution

Denial Prevention and Resolution

Shifting the scales from denial resolution to denial prevention is no doubt a priority for your organization. But how do you get there and preserve the position with an ever-changing landscape?

In many cases, achieving the necessary results requires the right help. To achieve a prevention trend delivering more cash on hand, fewer days AR, and fewer reworks, consider the structured yet flexible Denial Prevention and Resolution from MedAssist. DPR is comprised of 5 modules purpose-designed to...

  • Gap-test your goals against your operating model
  • Deliver a roadmap for closing that gap 
  • Supplement/modify your operating model with tools and resources purpose-designed to achieve better results  

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Complexity the Cause...More Coming

A 525% increase in volume of codes thanks to ICD10, a growing trend in more complex value-based contracts, a 10% increase in Self Pay (according to a recent HFMA study), and the growing trend of high deductibles. In fact, hospitals are writing off 90% more claim denials compared to just 6 years ago. For a hospital with a median bed count of 350, that translates to an annual dip in revenue to the tune of $3.5 Million.*

Denial Prevention and resolution

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Peer Experience

One of your peer hospital systems has already made the shift to prevention. And although the results have just begun rolling in, they are compelling. They have already prevented in excess of $52 million in denials over the previous annual period.

Denial Prevention and Resolution

Results Achieved (first 6 months)

  • Prevented $52 million in denials
  • Denial pursuit cost reduction impact of $764,000

Projected Results

  • Reduction in AR days outstanding
  • Increase in cash on hand
  • Measurable attribution to improved patient experience