MedAssist Welcomes HFMA Chapter Leader Elizabeth Staas as National Vice President of Business Development

Louisville, KY (May 26, 2016) - MedAssist, a provider of revenue cycle solutions for hospitals, today announced the addition of Elizabeth Staas as National Vice President of Business Development. Staas will lead the MedAssist sales team in their efforts to strengthen and grow customer relationships, create brand awareness and win new business opportunities.

Staas brings more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare revenue cycle market in both the provider and vendor spaces. She has served in a variety of capacities, including operations and business development, delivering positive outcomes in collaboration with many healthcare providers.

“There are a lot of headwinds facing providers these days, particularly in the financial experience of both patients and hospital revenue cycle team members. In my role working with HFMA members, we are constantly collaborating to find ways around and through those headwinds; not an easy mission," said Staas. "The people of MedAssist know first-hand about this mission. Much of what they do every day happens shoulder to shoulder with their hospital customers...literally. That kind of experience is a huge asset; an asset we can utilize in helping hospitals leverage technology and expertise in creating better patient experiences. They get that. That's why I joined the team. Together we are going to make a great impact."

Staas has been a committed member and leader in HFMA, currently serves as President of the Virginia-DC Chapter and as an advisor to the HFMA Region IV Mid-Atlantic leadership.

“Elizabeth will be of tremendous value to MedAssist and our customers,” said Paul Holland, Executive Vice President of MedAssist. “Her leadership and experience will help providers create better patient financial experiences, healthier financial positions, and greater relevance in the communities they serve.”


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The only critical buying decision people make today where they don't know the price or how they will pay is healthcare... even if they have insurance. Everything that goes into the non-clinical part of the patient experience is a complicated maze of financial traps and hoops...for both patients and hospitals. Hospital leaders rely on us to simplify the financial experience for both their patients and the people of their organization. Hospitals achieve a stronger financial foundation, while patients experience clarity and a path to peace of mind about how to pay for their care. Happy patients are loyal customers. And loyal customers tell their friends and family about their good experiences. That leads to new market share for the hospital...the kind of market share no financial software can create nor any marketing budget can buy.


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