Medassist Rebrands Through the Customer Lens, A Revealing Perspective Leading To New Results

Louisville, KY – February 13, 2017 - MedAssist, a company that hospitals rely on to simplify the financial experience for their patients and the people of their organization, today announced a rebrand of the organization.

“2016 represented a journey of much change for us. And while challenging, this constant change also created opportunity,” said Venkat Raman, CEO of MedAssist. “We went on a quest to better position ourselves in serving our customers.”

Through a series of efforts including customer surveys, employee surveys and the engagement of top consulting firms, MedAssist uncovered a strategic opportunity. As Raman put it, “Strike while the iron is hot, or suffer the pain of watching someone else do it.” That strategic opportunity was the innovation and adoption of better technology for their customers and the teams that support them.

Raman described the eligibility and revenue cycle space in healthcare as woefully underserved with respect to the right technology. “Much like healthcare providers are systemically transitioning from a reactive (illness) model to a more balanced and proactive (wellness) model, so too are the makers of technology,” said Raman. “There are many tactical technology tools, but most are built to help manage eligibility and revenue cycle problems after they occur, instead of preventing them in the first place. We saw an opportunity to help hospitals and healthcare consumers get out in front in a way they had not yet experienced.”

Along that journey of innovating and adopting new technology, another challenge surfaced for Raman and his team. With a new technology-supportive approach, engaging customers and prospective customers, as a brand, needed to change. MedAssist was committed to balancing the need for an empathetic patient experience with the use of technology. So they hired illumeture, a brand strategy firm, to help them bring it all together.

The work began with an assessment of the brand analyzing and scoring MedAssist in multiple categories including customer feedback, messaging, and marketing operations. That led to the development of a transformation strategy and implementation project spanning several months.

“When asked what MedAssist does, I’m answering that differently now than I would have a year ago because of the work we’ve done to change the view of the company from our lens to the lens of the customer,” said Paul Holland, Executive Vice President for MedAssist. “Viewing our brand through the lens of the customer helped us reshape our brand messaging and sharpen the focus of our technology-centric offerings.”

Medassist Rebrands Through the Customer Lens, A Revealing Perspective Leading To New Results

One of the more notable outputs of the rebrand effort is the new website, Additionally, the marketing operations have been retooled for what Holland called more consistent and meaningful engagement.

Raman added, “Both customers and MedAssist are already benefiting from the technology innovation and the ‘customer lens’ approach. Customers are volunteering more positive feedback about service levels and technology, and prospective customers are choosing to work with us. The numbers prove it.”   

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