HFMA ANI 2016: MedAssist to Speak on Self-Pay Case Study with Premier Health

June 26-29, 2016: ANI is HFMA’s national conference and premier educational event that is aimed at top decision-makers in the field of healthcare finance. What began as a modest exhibit floor in a hotel ballroom, ANI has continued to grow to become one of the largest healthcare finance conferences of its kind. The ANI 2016 exhibit hall will feature more than 400 businesses offering ideas and solutions for healthcare finance companies.

This year MedAssist was chosen among top revenue cycle vendors to offer an educational session on our self-pay case study with Premier Health. Premier Health’s recovering rate from individual patients was lower than insurance carriers, and they had a growing number of patient balances. Premier Health decided to partner with MedAssist to outsource self-pay collections. The hospital’s system would be the system of record, while MedAssist’s account processing system would score a guarantor’s propensity to pay and define the appropriate work events based on the score. Over the course of 18 months the Premier Health and MedAssist partnership improved cash collections by a combined total of $2.63 million, accelerated the account resolution process, and maintained the high level of patient satisfaction Premier patients have come to expect.