Every uninsured citizen of your community represents opportunity.

While popular opinion leads some to believe that eligibility is no longer a question to be answered, making informed decisions about marshaling limited resources appropriately is critical to maximizing your profitability.

Do more with less! Right!? Well now you can do more "right" with the "right" tool. 

live on DECEMBER 15th @ 12:00 NOON ET...

join our own randy shafer, industry veteran and fan of innovation, and Experience why the MedAssist HIE Analytics tool is a fit for you. 

Discover how to increase revenue and profitability by leveraging MedAssist HIE Analytics...this enrollment period by:

Predictively and quickly identifying the right patients on which to focus resources.

Maximizing your profitability with enrollment into the right insurance plans.

Better serving the citizens of your community in reducing financial burden as an obstacle to seeking quality care.

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DECEMBER 15, 2015 @ 12:00 NOON eastern

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