The dictionary defines culture as a common way of thinking and behaving among a particular group. Our culture is first about adapting to yours. Your purpose and mission become our purpose and mission. Balancing empathy with principles of strong fiscal stewardship, MedAssist team members are positioned to support your organization in achieving a stronger financial position and igniting patient loyalty.  The majority of our team members are on site, part of your community, and empowered to serve in various roles throughout the patient journey. 

All of nearly 1400 MedAssist team members are US based. The leadership team guides the organization with an average of 15 years healthcare experience. They are charged with creating and preserving an environment where a community of people are best positioned to be adaptable, competent, and empathetic. These are not objectives. They are attributes of both the people and the environment. Regarding competency, the following "Breakout Competencies" are a focus for ensuring best practice performance: 

  • Business Foresight: conceptualizing new opportunities by scanning the environment, challenging existing notions, and bringing in fresh thinking and insight

  • Driving Excellence: improving performance, setting up challenging goals for self and team, taking calculated entrepreneurial risks to drive and create high performing teams

  • Influencing Others: understanding others and the organizational dynamics and effectively using this understanding to get others to adopt own course of action

  • Managing Transformation: the ability to accept, communicate and adapt to change and work effectively within a dynamic environment

  • Fostering Partnerships with Clients: delivering outstanding service to customers and forging long term partnerships leading to desirable customer outcomes customer loyalty , repeat businesses, referrals and an overall growth in account size

  • Leading Teams: providing the team/organization with direction and support necessary to succeed in an ever changing business context and aligns the individuals to the larger purpose

  • Working Across Boundaries: recognizing the interdependencies across different parts and appreciates the benefits of collaborative working across the organization

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