Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Less Confusion, Stronger Financial Foundation

Many can manage receivables. Yet with growing complexity in receivables fueled by value-based and bundled payments, who gets lost in the shuffle? The patient. Balancing empathy for patients with visibility to insights and efficiency in work flow is a cornerstone in igniting sustainable patient loyalty and maximizing cash flow. Achieve this balance through a MedAssist Accounts Receivable solution. From services to software, build the support your need.


It all starts with seeking to understand first. By understanding your business priorities, objectives, and the challenges you face in meeting them, we can most effectively apply best practices in planning, execution, measurement, and modification. This approach encourages authentic AND focused collaboration to maximize results. 


Depending on your specific needs. Your solution is designed using the following components, most of which can also be accessed independently.

Design Elements Eligibility and Enrollment
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  • Customer Contact Center
  • Denial Prevention
  • Denial Resolution
  • First Customer Intelligence
  • Government Billing
  • Insurance Billing
  • Legacy AR Work Out
  • Self-pay Early Out
  • Insurance Early Out
  • Third Party Liability
  • Work Comp
  • Out of State Medicaid 
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  • Denial Prevention Analytics
  • Propensity to Pay
  • Patient Bill Estimator

Check out the M PREVENT featured solution below.