Simplify the patient experience. Ignite patient Loyalty.

The only critical buying decision people make today where they don’t know the price or how they will pay is healthcare… even if they have insurance. Everything that goes into the non-clinical part of the patient experience is a complicated maze of financial traps and hoops… for both patients and hospitals.

Hospital leaders, simplify the financial experience for both your patients and the people of your organization.

Hospitals achieve a stronger financial foundation, while patients experience clarity and a path to peace of mind about how to pay for their care. Happy patients are loyal customers. And loyal customers tell their friends and family about their good experiences. That leads to new market share for the hospital… the kind of market share no financial software can create nor any marketing budget can buy.



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Simplify the financial experience for your patients. Ignite patient loyalty. Maximize Revenue.

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“MedAssist is the right choice for us. The eligibility associates understand the patient experience, as well as our facility needs. We have been with MedAssist for many years and, as the face of healthcare reimbursement changes, our trusted partnership is more valuable than ever.”

— Vincent Bonetti, HH Health System